Friday, January 14, 2011

What do you do with Kids School Pics???

So every year I get the wallet size school pics of all my nieces and nephews.  I love getting them to see how much each kid has grown over the past year...and yet I stuggled with what to do with them.  Then I had the brainstorm to scrap them at a 4x6 size and put each kid in their own mini 4x6 album.  And here is the result.  Many different products and techniques used so I dont think that I can give all the info on these..

 This is my niece whom I have the most pictures of.  I cant believe that she is already 9!!  I am missing her age 3 picture and wasnt sure if the one that had no age was 3 or 4...but I was told (by her) that it was age 4, so I need to put that on the page.  Multiple pattern papers, gems, glitter, chipboard, distressing, name it and I think that it was done on these pages...
This little girl definitely has me wrapped around her fingers!!
 This is my niece's brother.  I am missing a couple of him as well...I can't find a baby one and his parents cant find his age 5 one.  So hopefully that will get fixed.  Dont want him to think we dont care :)  I LOVE his age 4 and gr 1 pages.  I think they are just so him!!
 When my sister got married, she inherited three great kids and this is the youngest of those three.  Thus the reason I only have 4 years of school pictures starting in 2007.  I think of all the books, I really like how her pages turned out.  On her title page, it is difficult to see that it is all flocked.  I used pencil crayons to color it in to make it more defined, as well as glitter glue to make it sparkle!!

Here is the middle step-nephew.  He is one of the kids that I can't get over how much he has grown over the past few years.  It is that time of growth for young men!!

 And this is my oldest step-nephew.  I enjoy how his pages turned out as well.  For the boys, it really is just a lot of pattern paper and letter stickers.

These are really simplistic pages, but it makes it so that they can be done quickly and still highlight their age, grade and the year.  My niece and nephew already love looking at them!  I have 3 new babies in our family so 3 more books to be done!!  Thankfully I was thinking ahead, and bought extra of the leather albums!!

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